Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Random Things I LIke

  • crushed up saltines in my chili - there was a time when I wouldn't eat saltines because they are carbs!
  • Earl Grey Tea - Hot or cold
  • summer
  • black tea with honey and lemon - hot, when I have a cold
  • Tropical Black Iced Tea from Fresh and Easy - but I only buy it on clearance, because I'm cheap
  • the smell of rain on pavement - a rarity in Las Vegas
  • freshly mowed grass - although it makes me sneeze
  • being able to provide frivolous things to my kids on occasion
  • pesto, especially homemade - so bright and fresh and green
  • listening to Sam play his electric guitar - but I'm still buying him headphones

  • Naveen Andrews - a little mancake on Lost
  • Traveling to Utah by car if I'm not driving. Seven and a half hours to do NOTHING!
  • Las Vegas 51's baseball