Friday, October 23, 2009

Colonoscopy Prep Made Easy(er)

Let's face it. Colonoscopy prep is not easy. It's long, dreadful and tedious. It's also a LOT more tolerable than chemotherapy and radiation, and so, we endure.

Four litres is A LOT of liquid to consume. And the stuff tastes nasty. I discovered the following on my most recent prep.

  • The package (TriLyte) now comes with flavor packs! Big whoop.
  • Throw away the flavor packs.
  • Buy bottled water (in 16.9 ounce bottles) to mix with the powder
  • After the powder and bottled water are well mixed, pour the liquid back into the bottles.
  • Pour Crystal Light on-the-go packs (or something similar) into each bottle. I used Propel fitness water packs since they are clear. NO RED food coloring is allowed!
  • Chill well.
  • Be sure to mark your bottles with big black XXX or something so they are not mistaken for plain old water in the fridge.
  • Slice a lime into small wedges and have ready with your Prep solution.
  • Drink through a straw as far back in your mouth as you can stand it.
  • The cold liquid through the straw can produce a slight "Brain Freeze" but pressing the tongue to the roof of the mouth usually fixes it.
  • If you start to gag (which I do) take a quick squeeze of lime and drink some more.

See #5 on Day Before the Examination on this website. This doctor does the prep slightly different than my doctor, but puts on his website that the use of Crystal Light is okay. The manufacturer says not to add anything else. I'm listening to the doctor in Utah.

All of these things got me through the prep much more easily than the last time where I threw up roughly half of what I managed to swallow.

See you again in five years for an update. The pharmaceutical companies really need to come up with a better prep!