Tuesday, January 16, 2007

people i like - in no particular order

Now that I've done things I like - it's time for people I like. Again, in no particular order. It's just how I manage to upload the photos.

My dearest - husband, Mike

My Oldest - daughter Ana, 13

My youngest - son Sam, 10

Debbie, freshly back from the Dominican Republic, where her hair was braided into corn rows. Before she left, while they were in, the girls taking them out and after.

Debbie with our friend Denise. I was so busy getting
pictures of Debbie's braids, I never got Denise alone!

My favorite blonde family: Di holding Audrey, the beautiful princess Audrey and Matt, looking every bit the pirate next to Grant and Sam in the chair.

Most of my favorite young people:
Brendon, Ana, Sam Grant, Dana, Sera and Ethan.

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