Monday, December 24, 2007

What's on the plate

What do you do on Christmas Eve? I'll bet it doesn't look anything like THIS!!

First things first...Ana is off to the chiropractor. What? I didn't tell you that story? Okay, in a minute. Joe's to do some karate. Black belt test is fast approaching and my school is closed for 6 weeks. (Big shout out to the City of Henderson for that fine schedule!)

While we're at Joe's, we'll do our little gift exchange.

Off to the store for last minute supplies for Christmas foodery. If it all goes awry, Walgreen's is open Christmas day.

Then we're done. Call it a day. By noon-ish I should be able to lounge about doing nothing if I so choose. I usually don't so choose...but I could.

Ana's story
One of Ana's responsibilities while playing soccer is to throw the ball in when it's gone out of play. At her first game of the season, she was retrieving said ball across the track. Her games are played on the football field (it's lighted - the soccer field isn't) surrounded by the track with a little concrete thrown in for adventure. When wearing soccer cleats, concrete becomes very slippery. Ana's feet went out from under her and she fell HARD right on her buttocks. The net effect of that was that one of her vertebrae moved out of place and now has to be returned. She is in traction 3 days a week and will likely take up to a year to recover fully. It doesn't affect her too much except that she is in pain. Poor dear...

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Merry Christmas to you and your family Karen.