Saturday, February 07, 2009

Lack of a Menu Plan

I made no plans this week. I went to the grocery store and wandered around looking for something good to eat. This is what happened.

Monday - Salmon and potatoes:
*Rosemary Garlic potatoes ($1.75)
*Cheese pizza ($2.00)
*Blackened Salmon x2 ($6.00)
Veggie pizza (made from ingredients already at home)
* These items were half price because they expired that day at Fresh & Easy.
Total spent: $9.75

Tuesday - tacos:
Ground Turkey ($3.99)
Refried beans ($1.00)
Taco Seasoning ($1.29)
Sour cream ($2.29)
Tortillas, tomatoes, lettuce, cheese (already on hand)
Total spent: $8.57

Wednesday - Pasta & Fagioli soup:
Beef broth ($2.49)
Italian sausage ($3.99)
carrots ($.79)
celery ($1.69)
focaccia ($3.49)
tomatoes, beans, pasta, seasonings (already on hand)
Total spent: $11.45

Thursday - smorgasbord (or all the stuff I bought but haven't used yet):
*Stuffed chicken breast ($3.50)
green beans ($2.49)
baby zucchini ($2.29)
To make Baba Ghanouj;
eggplant ($2.99)
tahini ($2.45)
pita bread ($1.29)
lemon ($.29)
other ingredients (already on hand)
Total spent: $15.05

Friday - uuhhh.....
Well, it's not surprising that I'm broke and we'll have to eat whatever we can find in the pantry. The freezer is empty because I threw away (Gasp!) all the ruined food in there that has not been eaten.

Erin at $5 Dinners would have a cow (and then cook and eat it!) if she saw this.

Almost $50 on dinners this week and most of it wasn't even very tasty. This was an expensive lesson in lazy. Guess I'm back to planning meals even if no one will eat them.

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