Monday, July 18, 2005

Karate Convention

The weekend of July 15-17, 2005 I attended the Chun Kuk Do International Conference and World Championships. I had several classes to help me improve my karate in preparation for my test for black belt. (I'm scheduled to test in June of 2006.) I also competed in kata (a pretend choreographed fight) and fighting. I got 4th place in both events. As you'll see in the pictures there were only 4 competitors in my division (old women over 35 who have managed to obtain the rank of red belt (me) or red/black belt (one test short of black belt - the other three.) Considering that I've had my red belt for less than three months I was pretty impressed with myself!

My mom, Julie, attended as a spectator. So did my daughter, Ana.

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