Thursday, February 22, 2007

Not Very Subtle

I very often tease Mike about trying to kill me by way of heart attack because he likes to grill things like ribs and chicken wings on the weekend. Because I am at higher risk of diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol and stroke (to name a few) I'm supposed to eat lean meats. I thought the electrical appliances in the bathtub were not very subtle.

If anyone wants to know WHY they are in the bathtub, you'll have to leave a comment!

3 had this to say:

Laurie Ann said...

Why are there electrical appliances in the bathtub?? Looks like a stereo and an ice scraper (don't think you need one of those) but I can't quite make it out... I'm not making the connection between a radio in the tub and diabetes so please clear up the air.

Karen said...

My blood chemistry is ugly so Diabetes is just one potential health risk if I don't eat correctly. The appliances are a CD player and a curling iron. My darling 13-year-old daughter likes my very large master bathroom better than her reasonably sized one. She leaves her "stuff" all over the counter so Mike tosses it into the tub so he can get to his sink. The last time I teased him about "killing me with food" his response was, "If I wanted you dead, I'd offer you a radio in the tub."

Patricia said...

Too funny! Gotta watch out for those Crittenden boys, they are sneaky!! :)