Sunday, February 25, 2007

A Slow Day at the Massage School

It was a slow day at the massage school today. Ana and I arrived at 7:30am with our "2-for-1" coupon in hand. Normally, a one-hour massage costs $32.00, which I find to be a completely reasonable price to pay. With our coupon, we get a one hour massage for $16.00 each. This counts as an even better deal and I am absolutely willing to pay it. The drawback is that on a normal weekend (the only time massages are offered) the line is usually quite long. We can end up waiting an hour or more. The wait is not too bad because we sit and chat. It's nice to have my teenager without an escape route for an hour! This Sunday, the wait was only about 1o minutes. How nice! We both had what we classified as "the best massage I've ever had here" massages. On our way out, one of the supervisors asked us if we would like another massage for free. Free? Did you say free? Yes, she said free! We got back in line (behind only two other people) and filled out our paperwork, went to the waiting area, and before we had walked down the hall, our massage therapists were ready for us. Apparently, there were more students needing to massage than there were clients, so they were taking anyone who was willing to have a second massage.

Now, if you've been doing the math in your head as you read, you've figured out that we paid $8.00 each for one-hour massages. They way I figure it, I saved $96.00 today so I'm going to the mall!

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Patricia said...

What a deal! Wish we had one of those here. Instead its like $60 or more for an hour. Thats is a big splurge, that does not happen often,