Monday, April 30, 2007

What's for Dinner? - April Version

4.01.07 - (mike)Thai Red Curry Chicken from this cookbook , Thai Rice, Feta Stuffed peppers, Organic Wolfgang bread from Whole Foods

4.02.07 - Chile Relleno Casserole from Eating Well, Broccoli (the kids wouldn't eat this)

4.03.07 - Parmesan Tilapia*, Cheddar/broccoli rice, sauteed spinach, heirloom tomatoes

4.04.07 - Macaroni & Cheese with Spam (a special request from Sam) What? Are you kidding? OF COURSE I DIDN'T EAT THAT!! I had Nachos with low-fat turkey, low-fat cheese and low-fat sour cream.

4.05.07 - Pork chops, Asian Chicken Salad, whole wheat vermicelli with garlic and herbs

4.06.07 - DiGiornio Pizza (pre-planned for Sam's sleepover. This wasn't an "I don't feel like cooking" excuse.) Ana ate at Panera with friends. Karen and Mike ate this.

4.07.07 - (mike) Grilled Ribs, Black Eyed Pea Salad

4.08.07 - (mike) Grilled Orata, Salmon Burgers, Green Salad
Karen foraged. Mike cooked.

4.09.07 - This is the day I bought my car. I didn't get to dinner.

4.10.07 - Spinach souffle stuffed chicken breast from South Beach, steamed artichokes

4.11.07 - Turkey burgers on whole wheat English muffins, sauteed mushrooms, fresh green beans

4.12.07 - Salt & Pepper Salmon, sauteed spinach, brown rice

4.13.07 - Grant's birthday party. Pizza at Strike Zone at Sunset Station

4.14.07 - Lunch at Lucille's Bar B Que(their spelling, not mine)- no one made dinner

4.15.07 - (mike) Grilled steak, grilled red pepper, olive bread, tapenade, broccoli
(Happy Anniversary, Laurie & John)

4.16.07 - Chicken, potato wedges, pesto pasta salad, hard boiled eggs
A picnic in the park during soccer practice. Karate test night.

4.17.07 - Tacos, refried beans, Spanish rice

4.18.07 - Whole wheat angel hair pasta, Italian sausage. I served a vegetable, but I didn't write it down.

4.19.07 - Crispy Tilapia, Broccoli, pierogi, taquitos (looking like the United Nations around here!)

4.20.07 - Chinese take out from China-a-Go-Go $23.71

4.21.07 - (mike) Smoked scallops, Halibut braised in chicken stock with vine-ripe tomatoes, fresh peas & carrots, homemade bread, fromage fort

4.22.07 - (mike)Oven roasted chicken, roasted white potatoes with onions, organic baby lettuce salad and leftover homemade bread with Irish butter

I know what you're thinking. "What? No grill this weekend?" Well, no, in fact the wind was blowing, GUSTING EVEN, which is not conducive to outdoor grilling.

4.23.07 - Curry in a Hurry chicken salad over mixed baby lettuces and arugula
I used the leftover chicken from the weekend instead of store bought.

4.24.07 - Stovetop Tamale Pie, goat cheese stuffed mushroom caps
I was trying new stuff this week. This wasn't very good.

4.25.07 - Turkey burgers on whole wheat english muffins with tomato & avocado, cole slaw
This is pretty clearly a family favorite. Everyone will eat it!!

4.26.07 - Sundried tomato and goat cheese chicken wraps with avocado, tomato & arugula (inspired by this recipe which had ingredients that some of us don't like so I changed it), cole slaw (again)

4.27.07 - Girls Night Out! Karen ate at Elephant Bar ($14.00) with friends, leaving Mike and Sam to buy DiGiorno pizza and Henry Weinhards Root Beer and Orange Cream Soda. Ana went to a church youth group event and I guess she ate there but I really have no idea because she's 13 and eats irregularly.

4.28.07 - Karen & Ana ate ball park food (nachos and hot dogs $14.75) at the 51's game. Mike grilled burgers for himself and Sam.

4.29.07 - (mike) Grilled pork loin roast, homemade cole slaw, baked beans, bratwurst, homemade bread with olive tapenade

4.30.07 - Ana's Choice. For herself and Sam she chose "Red Box Meals" so named because Banquet and Smart Ones both come in red boxes. Mike gets Sushi (chosen by Karen) and Karen is having Chinese Chicken Salad.

*I tried to apply Parmesan Chicken to Tilapia. It wasn't very successful. The fish is too delicate.
Only ordered out one time for $23.71 for the month. Not bad. Karen and Ana ate out a couple of times, but that is what allowance is for!!!

2 had this to say:

Laurie Ann said...

Way to go Karen! If only I could feed my family so well. We ate out so much in April I got disgusted and stopped keeping track. I'll have to redouble my efforts this month.

Karen said...

I've really been on a push to eat more healthy foods and that's easier done at home! It's still not helping my weight at all.

Laurie - thanks for being the inspiration for this post.