Saturday, March 31, 2007

What's for Dinner? - March

  1. TH - Parmesan Chicken Paillards with Cherry Tomato Sauce (Cooking Light 3/07)
  2. FR - Roasted Chicken (store bought)
  3. SA - Chicken wings (prepared by Mike on our Weber Classic grill)
  4. SU - Lemon-Rosemary Chicken, Spicy Steak and Italian Sausage (again, by Mike on the grill)
  5. MO - Every Man For Himself (Monday nights involve soccer and karate with little time between for food)
  6. TU - Chicken Tacos
  7. WE - Crustless Quiche
  8. TH - Salmon
  9. FR - Crisp-Crusted Tilapia
  10. SA - Heavy snacking early afternoon. We spent the evening with our friend, Di, at her Boulder City home.
  11. SU - See last Sunday above. It was a delicious repeat.
  12. MO - Little Caesar's Pizza for the kids, Smart Ones frozen dinner for Karen. For Mike, who knows. I leave as soon as he gets home.
  13. TU - Sesame Ginger Pork Chops
  14. WE - Turkey Burgers on whole wheat English muffins
  15. TH - Chicken Dijon (the day from hell!)
  16. FR - Fair Food - Sam had Chicken Fingers and Fries, Ana had fries and I had a Teriyaki Chicken Sweker at the St. Patrick's Day Festival in Downtown Henderson. Mike? Who knows. He didn't want to come. Then we went to the carnival.
  17. SA - Ribs (grilled by Mike)
  18. SU - Chicken (grilled by Mike) (Karen's family visiting from Phoenix)
  19. MO - Leftovers
  20. TU - Chicken Tacos (family here - this feeds a crowd)
  21. WE - Pasta toss (clean out the fridge of cold cuts and cheese and throw it in pasta with Olive Oil)
  22. TH - Potage Parmentier (fancy French name of Potato & Leek Soup with bacon, more family)
  23. FR - 777 Brew Pub at Main Street Station for Happy Hour and the UNLV Rebels v. Oregon Ducks (family again - this was a good family week.)
  24. SA - Papa John's Pizza. All the family here and Ana has a soccer game at 7:20pm
  25. SU - New York Steak on the grill (Can you tell it's Mike's cooking again?)
  26. MO - Little Caesar's for the kids (they paid) and Crustless Quiche for the grown ups (I'm starting to see a pattern)
  27. TU - Cornflake Crispy Crusted Tilapia (I altered an earlier recipe. This one was better.)
  28. WE - Turkey Burgers on whole wheat English muffins
  29. TH - Parmesan Chicken Paillards with Cherry Tomato Sauce (Cooking Light 3/07)
  30. FR - Salt and Pepper Salmon, seared on the grill pan and finished under the broiler
  31. SA - Rainbow Trout on the outdoor grill. Who can guess whose night it is to cook?