Wednesday, May 09, 2007

When I Was Little

I grew up in a small town at the base of this dam. It NEVER occured to me that the dam could break and I'd be washed away like Johnstown.

I thought all dogs were girls and cats were boys (don't ask me how we got MORE dogs and cats. I was LITTLE, remember?)

The Boogeyman lived in the closet at the back of the long hall in my grandmother's bedroom. I know this is true because my big brothers told me so!

I couldn't imagine why anyone would pay 25 cents for a Coke when you could get Shasta for 17 cents and still have enough allowance left over for some candy.

Was Burger King married to Dairy Queen?

I thought Elvis Presley and Evel Kneivel were the same person

We did a project in school where we created a candy bar and named it. We named ours "Afternoon Delight" and our theme song was the song by the same title by Starland Vocal Band. We had NO IDEA what the lyrics meant and our teacher didn't tell us.

My friends never talked about going to "Mom's house" or "Dad's house" because that was the same place: home.

There wasn't a daycare center in our town. I'd never heard of such a thing.

We played "Cops & Robbers" with the neighborhood kids (without parental supervision) and the cops ALWAYS won!

We were priveleged to be taken swimming at Lion Lake.

Oh yeah...I also walked to school uphill both ways in 4 feet of snow.

2 had this to say:

Mom said...

Amazing what kids remember!! Brings back memories.

Karen said...

Thanks to lacinor for the You Tube video. It's not a show I watch but that was pretty funny.