Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The Oregon Vacation

Strap on your seatbelts, folks. This is a long post!!
Just back from nearly a week in Oregon visiting Mike's family. The weather was warm for there (85 degrees) but the mornings seemed really cold to us (65 degrees) since the overnight LOW in Southern Nevada usually drops into the 80's. We packed our winter clothes (just kidding) and were just fine.
Day One
Where we stayedKaren by the Koi pondThe back yardThe side yardLunch in Salem @ Thompson's Brew PubAna on a carousel horse
(It's so hard to be cool on a carousel when you're 13 years old!)Sam on a carousel horse
(Not as hard to be cool when you're 10!)
On the dock at the Willamette RiverThe Oregon State Capitol
We had a view of this from our house in Salem
The four beavers
The one in the black shirt graduated from OSU
Ana and the Hydrangeas at the Municipal
Rose Garden @ Bush Park
HydrangeasRosesMore rosesAfter dinner at Morton's Bistro with our good
friends, Dave & Melodie
Day Two
Sam & Ana in a wheat field
Look! He's touching her
Sam outstanding in his field
Lunch at the Fox & FirkinMore lunch at the Fox & FirkinReading the historical information near the waterfront
Apparently, 70 degrees is warm enough to play
in a fountain in Oregon
They also have very large dust devils
Day Three
Doesn't everyone have a balance beam in their backyard?
Ana did alrightSam was a mess!I guess this is why they have one. My niece is
quite the gymnast.
They also have a trampoline. More wasted money
if it were in my backyard!
The four cousins on this side of the family
Day Four
Went to the Bite of Salem (disappointing) and
the carnival next to it
Since our family members were the only ones
playing, Ana won the big prize: a gigantic
Day Five

The viewpoint was better when the plants were smaller

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You guys looked like you had a blast. What beautiful country.