Monday, October 01, 2007

Menu Plan Monday (revised)

Feeling uninspired this week, but here it is so far...

Monday - Ziti, meatballs, and salad
Tuesday - Meatloaf, baked potatoes (Ana will be out - she hates meatloaf!)
Wednesday - Poached fish (whatever looks good at the store) and scallops in tomato broth
Thursday - Football game! Ana's boyfriend's school is playing against Ana's school. Food.... ?
Friday - Turkey burgers

That will keep most of the family members happy.

I've now returned from grocery shopping and based on my findings, revisions must be made!

  • ziti only comes in organic (read: expensive) and I don't love my family that much
  • the only fish on sale was salmon ($3.99/lb) and it doesn't taste good in tomato broth
  • Albertson's doesn't carry "meatloaf mix" so I had to make my own and now have enough for two meat loaves so watch for it again in the near future
  • turkey burgers not on sale - switch to Plan B

Monday - Baked ravioli casserole (don't ask - I'm making it up as I go)

Tuesday - Salmon

Wednesday - Meatloaf

Thursday - still going to the football game

Friday - Plan B *see above. I won't know what Plan B is until Friday afternoon.

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Anonymous said...

I've made baked ravioli before. It was great and I'm sure yours will be better. Thanks for the sweet comment on my menu. I like looking at yours too and I think turkey burgers on whole wheat english muffins sound GREAT!
It's a little scary that Ana has a boyfriend when I can't picture her older than 3...