Friday, December 05, 2008

The Results

Holiday Family Fun Night was a great success!

Tamales, cheese and chili.....delicious
Tamales, shredded pork.....yummy
Tamales, beef.....ask Mike
bunuelos.....not what I expected, but still very good
brownies.....TO DIE FOR!!
atole.....not so much
horchata.....pretty good
punch (apple cinnamon with fruit chunks).....tasty
diet Coke.....whatever
popcorn, freshly popped.....good
chicharrones.....didn't try them

We sampled most of the available fare. Drew the line at chicharrones. I didn't know what they were but they were fried and the kids couldn't get enough of them served with hot sauce. I thought they might be fried pork rinds, and they are. Never did find a churro. They must have been too hard (or expensive) to come by.

The tamales were all homemade by the moms from the school. They were so good we bought some to bring home. At a dollar each, it was a steal! The bunuelos turned out to be deep-fried tortillas with cinnamon sugar on them. Also good enough to bring some home.

Sam had a great time hangin' out at school and our money was well spent. We had a really good time.

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