Friday, August 14, 2009

Food Update

It's interesting and helpful for me if I have a Menu Plan, but I don't lose any sleep over changing it.
This week:
  • Monday: Leftover buffet
  • Tuesday: Baked Teriyaki Chicken (What's that weird sauce on it?)
  • Wednesday: Karen and kids to Joe's for a karate thing. I made tacos earlier in the day so Mike would have something to eat.
  • Thursday: Roast Chicken. I found a whole chicken at Fresh & Easy for $2.04. The execution of the dish was less than stellar. Next time I'll stick with my Williams-Sonoma prep and skip Tony Bourdain. Mike's prep of the Tony Bourdain Roast Chicken results in a fabulous meal. Mine resulted in having Mike come home and having to rescue dinner. Sigh.
  • Friday: Mike's birthday! He's bringing home steak to grill on the barbecue. When he told me he wanted grilled steak, I was sure to tell him that I would ruin it. He already knew that, so had planned to grill it himself.

In case you didn't know: we have a Weber Kettle Charcoal Grill. No gas or propane is EVER used to grill our food. If we had gas or propane, I could probably be trusted to grill. Mike uses kindling, briquets and real mesquite charcoal to build a perfect fire. He then waits for perfect coals and cooks over indirect heat.

Because I know you're all worried about us eating charred beef which will kill us!!