Tuesday, January 22, 2008

As close as I could get...

3 had this to say:

JL4 said...

As close to what?

Karen said...

An army show. Army, Ermey. Whatever.

JL4 said...

Of course. No one cares about the military until someone sails into New York Harbor and blows off a nuke.

THEN -------

They all want to know where the military is.

When told the congress and the President passed laws to downgrade, downsize, and emasculate the military (See 1992-2000), those that did the emasculation (see President C. and cohorts), they look at you and say,

"We don't understand what you're talking about. Are you blaming us for an underpaid, understaffed, and undertrained military?"

Ummmmmm....yes, I am blaming you

From the American Thinker:

Inside—the—Beltway Army has been busy trying to circumvent those reductions and justify them. Even Max Boot, a knowledgeable and sensible commentator, makes the unfounded assertion that Rummy's generals somehow caused the problem, ostensibly because they decided to reorganize into modular and operationally agile Units of Action. Boot is simply wrong.

In reality, this farce has its genesis in the Clinton administration, where the pressures of excessive troop cutbacks resulted in a shell game approach to eek out every last dollar for the military services from budgets drastically cut to produce the so—called 'peace dividend.' Of course, the end result was not seen until September, 2001, and by then the damage had been done.