Monday, August 04, 2008

Southern Nevada Lifeguard Games

The Jr. Lifeguards waiting for their events.
The first of five events is the cardiac relay where four rescuers swim 50 yards while performing scenarios of a cardiac emergency rescue.
The second event is a timed and scored shallow water spinal injury management scenario.
Ana didn't compete in the first two events. She is a Jr. Guard and these events were only for 'real' lifeguards.

The third event is a female and male gauntlet where individuals swim 75 yards total, carrying a brick for 25 yards.
In this event, Ana dropped the brick to the bottom of the pool, and had to retreive it to finish. Even with that, she holds the state record for Jr. Guard Female Gauntlet.

The events are capped with two relays.

During the rescue tube relay, each member of a four-person team swims 50 yards, including 25 yards of breaststroke approach stroke and 25 yards of freestyle approach stroke.
Ana's team won this relay.

The competition finishes with a T-shirt relay where four-member teams transfer a T-shirt in between 50-yard swims.
Ana's team won this relay.

You just know she wasn't going to let something like a 10 pound brick defeat her!!

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