Monday, September 22, 2008


So, Mike flew to Seattle for 24 hours to have dinner with his parents, his brothers, and a sister-in-law in honor of the parents 50th wedding anniversary. The kids and I, and the other kids in the family didn't make the trip.
As you know, when I go to a really nice dinner, I like to take food pictures. Mike, with a willing spirit, took along my camera and tried to use it successfully. He did alright.

This is the 'food only' post. The rest of the trip will be a seperate post.
The bread came with hazelnut oil instead of butter. Very Northwest!Mike's appetizer: crusted goat cheese.
The fork is an "action shot" compliments of his brother.The crab cakes were good.
As was the lobster...
and apparently, the steak, too.
Dessert was a Lunar Orbitor and cheesecake.
Lunch on Sunday was at The Crab Pot on Pier 57.

It must have been good. All that was left was potatoes and empty shells.

He said by the time he remembered to take pictures, the food was already gone.