Thursday, October 09, 2008

One man's trash

used to be another man's community service work...until this happened.

This week I've spotted:

  • one ladder (smashed and twisted)
  • one bar stool
  • two intact Pepsi cans (not together)
  • one gas can
  • one cardboard box (contents undetermined)
  • the contents of a suitcase (spotted on the off ramp to the airport) but no suitcase
  • one flat panel TV still in the box (with a man in a pickup truck carrying the other boxes backing up on the shoulder to retrieve it!)
  • one orange construction vest
  • brown mammal of indeterminate species sleeping in the center lane
  • four hubcaps
  • one tire iron
  • one red tie down strap (might have come in handy for the TV guy)

The debris doesn't change that much from day to day. I did notice several items have been removed from the roadside.

I didn't bother to list all of the "everyday" trash that is out there, and there is plenty of it.

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