Thursday, May 01, 2008

Can't find it anywhere

This sign, that is.

Unless that's it right there, turned on it's side.

The blogger version of "I told you so!" which I would NEVER say IRL (in real life).

3 had this to say:

JL4 said...

Gotta tell ya.

I didn't like the pink font because it was tough to read.

I DID like the Dodger backround, though.

Of the recent changes...that was the most upbeat...and subsequently the best.

In my jaded opinion, of course.

Karen said...

The Dodger background was a shout out to my best buddy who's a life-long Dodger's fan having been born and raised in Las Vegas. I liked it, too, but I guess I'm just simple. I hate clutter in all forms!


Anonymous said...

I KNOW it is there (at least I thought I did)...I think it is on its side!!!!

Although I preferred the LA background...I like this set up