Saturday, May 24, 2008


Time for a random post.
It's what one does when one has too many items
sitting in the "draft" pile and no real thoughts to go with them.
The carousel at the Las Vegas Outlet Center.
This is where we look for pants for Mike each year.
I've always liked the carousel.
The kids weren't with us, so no one rode today.

I did a shop at the Mandalay Bay today. We ate at Raffles Cafe. Mike had Corn Beef Hash. I always thought the beef was "corned", but Raffles said it was "corn" and who am I to argue?

I ate scrambled eggs, bacon, hashbrowns and toast.

Pattycakes. We spotted this store in a strip mall. Clothes, toys and tea didn't really seem to go together, but we didn't go inside to investigate.

And finally, at Walmart. Really? Who goes into the restroom at Walmart and PAYS MONEY to find out their TRUE weight. This is the LAST thing I want to know.

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