Thursday, March 15, 2007


home-miller ms-home: drop off ana

home-smith's, starbucks-odyssey charter school: peanut m&m's for sam (mid-test brain food), iced venti non-fat chai tea latte, drop off sam for crt testing (no child left behind)

odyssey-konami: pickup mike for lunch

konami-sunrise café: lunch

sunrise cafe-konami: drop mike off at work

konami-home: retrieve forgotten cell phone so sam can call when finished with testing

home-miller ms: pickup ana

miller ms-bank, cold stone, a second starbucks: cash, cake batter with brownie mix-in (ana) iced venti non-fat chai tea latte (karen)

starbucks-martial arts supply store: I need new karate pants-they don't sell just pants

martial arts supply-fireman's memorial park: what do you mean there's no bathroom at this public park? they could afford a huge bronze sculpture, but not a toilet? WTF?

fireman's memorial park-odyssey school: use restroom, inquire after sam (not done yet)

odyssey school-starbucks: my third starbucks, and an iced grande non-fat chai tea latte

starbucks-odyssey school: sit in the parking lot and wait 20 minutes for sam to finish

odyssey school-wendy's: all that testing makes a boy hungry

wendy's-home: through rush hour traffic on I-15 then I-215 - give up at warm springs and take surface streets

a break - lay down for 15 minutes and hope the foot stops throbbing

not a chance

get up and get dinner on the table in less than 15 minutes - chicken dijon, whole wheat couscous, peas - not bad for a 20 minute meal

back in the car but not my car has a dead battery and won't start. this is not new. it happens every 4-7 months. i guess now is the time. tomorrow it goes to the shop for a new battery. i don't want to be without a car for the day, so i rented one. less than 20 bucks to ease my stress-better than a manicure!

into mike's '96 geo metro 4 speed manual, no power anything

home-anthem hills park: drop ana off for soccer practice

anthem hills park-home: dang-no survivor tonight-college basketball instead-not interested

home-anthem hills park-home: pickup ana from soccer practice

put a fork in me-i'm done. bring on the blog and the wine.


3 had this to say:

Patricia said... have no time to work outside the home. Crazy day. Is it like that most days? Maybe that is why we love carpools in our house. :)

Karen said...

Thankfully, most days are not that hectic. That one put me over the edge!

Mom said...

Funny day -- Glad it's you not me. I had my turn running around with and kids BUT teachers had them all day for the required break for Mom.