Wednesday, March 21, 2007

What the Relatives Do While Vacationing in Las Vegas

Sleep in my backyard
Enjoy the "view" from their time share condo.
Swim at the time share pool 9 miles
from where they are staying.

Take photos of Sam's damaged nose.
His hurdling skills aren't what they needed to be.
Hang out at the Clark County Museum
Wind up in jail

3 had this to say:

Mom said...

This is the best blog ever.

Patricia said...

What on earth was Sam trying to hurdle that resulted in that nice looking face?

Karen said...

There was a short wall (perhaps knee-high and maybe 2 feet across) outside Starbucks that he attempted to jump. From what I'm told (I was ordering a Chai Tea Latte) his feet didn't quite make it and he broke his fall with his nose instead of his hands. Silly boy. All he said was, "Ow." followed by, "Can we still go swimming?" We were on our way to the pool with the cousin.