Saturday, May 03, 2008

A Trip to the Chocolate Factory

The Ethel's Chocolate Lounge Factory Store is located in Henderson, Nevada, just 4 miles from my house. While my mom was in town this week, I took advantage of a gift certificate I received and made the journey to the store and cactus garden.

This is what I saw...

When we arrived, there were only about 10 customers. Then three buses arrived. That's when it got crowded. This is a popular stop on the way to the Hoover Dam Tour. Disappointing this week because all the equipment was being refurbished and there was nothing to see.These "books" of chocolate turned out to be really good. It's how I used the gift certificate.If I wanted to, I could buy a cactus to ship home. I didn't want to.There are plenty of greeting card to choose from as well.

We headed outside to the cactus garden. Many of the plants were in bloom. It was lovely.

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