Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Manly Men

These two man crashed heads while going for a ball in the semi-final game of UEFA Euro 2008.

This one (Rolfes of Germany) had blood spurting from the cuts above and below his eye. They got out a needle and stitched him up on the spot! At the half, about a minute later, he was subbed out of the game.

This one (Akman of Turkey) split the back of his head open on Rolfes' face
and was bleeding all over the place. So they pulled out a sterile STAPLER and stapled his head! and he played the rest of the game.

The ESPN announcer had this to say:
He stayed in the game because he's a SOCCER PLAYER!

2 had this to say:

JL4 said...

Being the father of two soccer players, I concur with the ESPN analyst.

Anonymous said...

A baseball player would have been on the DL immediatelly!....and I'm a baseball player.

Tiger would have gone on to win the British Open!!!