Monday, June 09, 2008

Tedeschi Winery

Maui is the home of exactly ONE winery; Tedeschi Winery. It is located Upcountry (which means on the top part of Maui, away from the beaches). When last we visited (in 1992) they were only producing pineapple wine. Happily, they have discovered that grapes grow quite nicely on Maui.

We arrived just in time to take the winery tour...which is very short since the winery is small.Our guide was delightful. She's worked and lived here more than 20 years.It was a gorgeous spot for a wedding.We lunched across the road at the Ulupalakua Ranch which serves the World Famous Elk Burger.

You already know the birds joined us for lunch.

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JL4 said...

Is that some Hawaiian form of Cardinal?

Were you along as your hubby's personal photographer?