Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My Biggest Maui Disappointment

Bubba Gump.

Everything I'd heard about eating at Bubba Gump was positive. I love the movie, which I was told would be playing on a continuous loop throughout the restaurant, including at my table. It wasn't. There were two TVs in the bar. One was playing college baseball, the other was playing college softball.Our party of two was seated at a table for 8, so if we wanted to "Stop Forrest Stop" it would have been a lot of trouble reaching the sign. The food was mediocre accented by the fact that Mike doesn't really like shrimp.

I finally found Forrest Gump playing on a tiny TV in the waiting area on mute with subtitles.

Moral of the story: Don't rent a car, drive 40 miles, and pay $4.40 for gas on Maui just to eat at this restaurant!! Across the street was Longhi's where we'd eaten before and it was packed. Bubba Gump was mostly empty. Guess I should have taken that as a sign. Oh, well, lesson learned.

The one thing Bubba Gump had going for it was the view.

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JL4 said...

During some earlier posting of pictures of your vacation, I made note of the fact that I too had been to a Bubba Gumps - in the original as a matter of fact - in Savannah.

It is unfortunately known for it's name only. The food sucks.