Sunday, March 04, 2007

Ina Garten is excessive...

For a long, long time I have wanted to try the Barefoot Contessa's
Coconut Cupcakes. Ina made these for a birthday celebration
and they looked YUMMY! I read the recipe (available on the Food
Network website and here) and thought, "What a way to die!"
This recipe has:
6 sticks of butter
5 extra large eggs
an entire pound of full fat cream cheese.
This afternoon I made them - from scratch - not the mix that is
now available at places like Sur La Table. Let me just say for you
coconut haters out there (and you KNOW who you are), this is
NOT the food for you. There is enough coconut in these cupcakes
to feed a Survivor tribe for all 39 days! Sadly, (well, not really)
Mike made a spectacular dinner tonight and I ate too much of
that so the long sought after cupcake will have to wait.
I'm sure they'll be just as good for breakfast tomorrow.

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Patricia said...

Sounds like a great breakfast treat!! Enjoy!