Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Busy Mom's Guide to Lunch

This was a busy week for me. I ate in restaurants a lot.

Monday I ate lunch here with Ana. I picked her up from school and let her miss math class. Oh, relax...she had a good solid A when we did that!

Wednesday I was working and ate there with my co-worker. Yes, I'm gainfully employed again. I work at a fun job that requires little effort, pays decently and I can do it on my own time when the kids are in school. Not too shabby.

Thursday Mike took the day off and we ate at a local Italian restaurant. We even sat at the same table! It was soooo....romantic! We sat on the patio overlooking the Speedee Mart, I just love the smell of gasoline and Pepsi in the afternoon, smells like love. (Guest author..can you tell? This is what happens when I leave a post unattended for 30 minutes!)

Friday - Mike was off again and took me to a great restaurant. I hadn't eaten there before, but he had. What a treat!

Friday night brought us to our regional black belt test. After that, we went to this pizza place to eat with our karate friends. Our very helpful server was the mom of one of our students. What a coincidence.

Now we're on to Saturday and Ana's last soccer game of the season and that means a trip to our favorite place.

I've eaten more restaurant meals in the last week than I have in the past 6 months. I'm just about ready to start eating at home.

2 had this to say:

Laurie said...

Jamie was just telling us last night we should try PF Chang's. There's one up near Tigard. I'll have to take John to lunch there sometime...

Patricia said...

Work? Where? How? When? Where? etc.... tell me more!