Wednesday, November 21, 2007


The catalogs are still coming on a daily basis.
I'm no longer browsing.
They go straight to recycle.

Monday's offerings:
Doctors Foster and Smith
Harry & David
Hickory Farms
The Orchards of Hickory Farms
The Sharper Image
Victoria's Secret

Tuesday's offerings:
Fairytale Brownies
Home Bistro
Tiffany & Co.

Wednesday's offerings:
Coldwater Creek

A slow catalog day. We must be mostly done. No mail tomorrow. Just turkey!

2 had this to say:

Anonymous said...

You can stop most of the catalogs here.

If anything, recycle the paper...

leelee said...

thats so funny, I get stacks myself, which normally I love, peruse then recycle. But yes, they have been coming in droves..I am not reading them either..ok..ok, I look a little ;-)