Friday, November 16, 2007

Let's go shopping, shall we?

It's catalog season again.
I was just sending them straight to recycle, then I began to browse.

I'm very fond of this Puente Hand Painted Sangria Pitcher. I might just take up drinking Sangria so I can get one.
This Campofrio Jamon Serrano Ham comes with the bone in and THE HOOF ATTACHED!
A little too creepy for my kitchen.

Sur La Table has always been one of my favorites.

The kids love pancakes. This would be a fun griddle to have. I don't think I want to store it so we can eat Christmas pancakes twice a year. Maybe something with a less "seasonal" design...

Our next offerings are courtesy of Catalog Favorites.

This is just disgusting. Who would want bacon in his pocket?

A stray cat planter...much better than the cats that roam our neighborhood.

I modeled for this one...

I've always wanted a floor-length velvet robe. It reminds me of Isabeau in Ladyhawke.

The Paragon may be one of the most diverse.

If I owned a weiner dog, I would own these, too.

My husband doesn't wear ties or he would be sporting one of these.

I thought the abuse stopped at Halloween. Guess not.

Williams-Sonoma arrived today.

I grew up in Montana.

A Hot Chocolate pitcher would have come in handy.

Not so much in Southern Nevada.

This is pretty. Somehow I feel as if I'm missing something since my wine is not decanted.


My last one...Sharper Image.

Call me strange, but I WANT actual fire in my candles.

This would be Sam's choice.

I'm ending with more creepy stuff. A robotic!

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