Sunday, November 25, 2007


I've taken some really nice vacations in my life.

I've cruised the Caribbean (more than once) and the Mexican Riviera.

I've spent time in Bermuda.

Travelled to France. Strasbourg was lovely.

I've been as far as Russia to see St. Basil's Cathedral.

I've been to Maui twice.

I'm ready for the next trip.

Call me crazy, but I'd like to go jet boating in New Zealand.

I've long wanted to go on Safari in Botswana, but only if I get to stay in a lodge like this.

Even something as simple and lovely at the Smoky Mountains looks pleasant.

I've wanted to see Angkor Wat since Matt Lauer went there on The Today Show.

Mike applied for a job in Bar Harbor, Maine. Beautiful...but cold.

Lake Lucerne, Switzerland. I'd expect to see nuns singing in the hills (even though she was in Austria.)

It's cloudy today. Maybe that explains my sudden wanderlust.

I'm finding posting every day to be tedious. I'm just not that interesting. I'm looking forward to December when I can post whenever something strikes me as "post-worthy."

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